Marshal and Awareness Training

Educate your staff with our fire marshal training

If you employ a team of staff, or have premises that are open to the public, you have certain safety obligations to fulfil. These include having an appropriate fire evacuation plan in addition to a number of trained fire marshals. Bristol Fire offers a fire marshal course taught by trained professionals in accordance with the Fire Safety Order 2005 (RRO). 

The importance of carrying out a fire marshal course

For premises in Bristol and surrounding areas such as Bath, Swindon, Somerset, Gloucester and Cheltenham, our fire marshal training is a great choice for your business. It is a legal requirement, and with our team of professionals you can be certain your future fire marshals will receive a detailed instruction course tailored to your particular needs.  

Fire Marshal Training Courses 

Fire Awareness Training
Training Syllabus
Course duration approx 1.5 – 2 hours

Introduction to the Fire Reform Act
Causes of fire in the workplace
Classes of fire and types of fire extinguisher
Action on discovering a fire
Practical fire extinguisher training
Question paper

Fire Marshal Training
Training Syllabus
Course duration approx 3 – 3.5 hours

Introduction to the Fire Reform Act
Causes of fire in the workplace
Classes of fire and types of fire extinguisher
Practical fire extinguisher training
Actions in the event of fire
Role of the Fire Marshal
Question paper

Bristol Fire will not be held responsible for any injury or incident arising out of use or misuse of the application of information contained in their training or training material.

Section 21:2:a of The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order states:

Training must include suitable and sufficient instruction on the appropriate precautions & actions to be taken by the employee in order to safeguard themselves & all other relevant persons on the premises.

Section 21:2:b states that training must be repeated periodically.
Section 21:2 states that training courses must take place during working hours.

Where courses are carried out at the customer’s premises, an outside space needs to be made available for the practical fire extinguisher training which is carried out on a gas tray apparatus. This area should be approximately 15’ x 12’ minimum and suitable for live fire demonstration (i.e. No ignition sources, trees etc. nearby).

Please ensure that there is a suitable parking space near the training area to enable easy transportation of the test appliance.

Each candidate should bring a pen and pad with them to enable brief note taking.

As the presentation is PowerPoint based, please will you indicate what, if any, visual appliances will be made available (i.e. projection onto a screen, large screen T.V. etc.) If none are available, the trainer will bring a computer monitor (approx 19' viewing area) with him.

Cards will be issued at the end of the session with relevant details on them.

Please ensure candidates are on time for the start of training as they may not be able to gain access after it has started. Anyone leaving before the end of the session may not be deemed as fully trained.

If the trainer arrives at the premises as agreed and the course needs to be cancelled (for whatever reason) a cancellation charge will incur.

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