Fire Suppression Systems

Trust in our fire suppression system

Bristol Fire is committed to providing expert and reliable fire suppression system installation and maintenance services throughout Bristol. We are available 24/7, 365 days a year, to offer you our skilled and trained technicians and experienced services. We offer free site surveys and great value maintenance packages to make sure your home or business is properly protected. 

Effective fire sprinkler systems

Our fire suppression systems are ideal for areas where there is the high risk of a fire, such as commercial kitchens and mains intake rooms. This automatic system gives you peace of mind that fires in your property will be dealt with quickly and efficiently. We can supply, install and maintain many different types of fire suppression systems such as FM200, Inergen systems, kitchen suppression systems and more. 

Covering a range of sectors

No job is too big or small for Bristol Fire. We work throughout Bath, Swindon, Somerset, Gloucester and Cheltenham to serve our large client base. We have previously designed and installed fire sprinkler systems for commercial offices, factories, schools, homes, residential properties, sports complexes, council premises, retail spaces and many more. 

Providing fire solutions whatever your need

We also stock a wide variety of fire extinguishers in addition to our fire suppression systems. Ideal for smaller at risk areas such as mains cabinets and boat engine rooms, these automatic fire extinguishers can be supplied in a variety of sizes to combat different types of fire such as Class A, B, C, F and even electric fires based on your individual requirements. 
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